Pistol aes-24

Microbiological disinfection in confined spaces

The electrostatic spray gun is very effective in confined spaces such as vehicles, is very flexible and adapts to places where other equipment cannot enter. Its ease of use and design allows the user to handle it with simplicity.

Its maintenance is very simple and we recommend it every 20 hours of use, the lithium battery has a long durability. It has a 2 year warranty and we have a specialised maintenance centre.

The gun will be shipped in a box with goggles and 1litre of disinfectant chemical included.

Droplet diameter: 30-70 µm

Spraying distance: > 2 m

Spray Rate: 80-120 ml/min

Tank capacity: 700 ml

Power source: 24v lithium battery

Battery life: 90 min

Dimension: 360 x 100 x 275 mm

Weight: 1.9 kg (including battery and without liquid)

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