One of the most interesting options we offer at Microclean is to solve risk situations in the appearance of pathogenic microorganisms in a short time and with the minimum impact of biocidal products on the environment.

These chemicals are necessary for the control of organisms harmful to human or animal health but also for the control and monitoring of organisms harmful to natural or manufactured materials.

However, biocidal products may pose risks to humans, animals and the environment, due to their intrinsic properties and the associated usage guidelines, which must always be in the hands of experts who are aware of the hazards of such substances.


Legal issues: cataloguing and listing of authorised and non-authorised biocidal products

It is Regulation (EU) No 528/2012 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 May 2012 concerning the placing on the market and use of biocidal products that provides the guidelines for the placing on the market of these products.

This list of biocidal products not only shows the types of products that could be placed on the market, but also adds a description of each product.

For this reason, companies submitting an application for authorisation for a particular biocidal product should consult this list. Biocidal products may only be placed on the market and used on national territory if they have been previously authorised and entered in the Official Register of Biocidal Products.

The procedure and requirements can be consulted on the Environmental and Occupational Health website of the Ministry of Health, Consumer Affairs and Social Welfare.

Back to the internal organisation of the countries and the safeguarding of legality, it is up to the Ministry of Health to establish the legislation of the biocidal products allowed in Spain, within the scope of the European Union's policy of prevention and control of chemicals.

The regulation of chemicals, in general, has never been an easy or friendly subject, but it is a very necessary one, as it involves important issues concerning the health of living beings and the environmental impact of inappropriate and dangerous uses.

list of authorised biocidal products


Indications and areas of application of biocidal substances

Biocidal products are used to protect human health and the environment from risks or threats posed by certain organisms, such as pests, algae, fungi and bacteria. micro-organisms such as pests, algae, fungi and bacteria.

The products used in microbiological disinfection, i.e. those services that eliminate all types of viruses, fungi, moulds and bacteria, are bactericides and virucides.

These active chemicals or mixtures of active chemicals are intended to destroy, counteract, neutralise, prevent action or exert control over any medium.

Biocidal products in general have a multitude of applications in a wide variety of industrial and domestic sectors. We use them without even realising it, as they are incorporated in solutions for the home, or present in ink preservatives or industrial liquids, as well as in products for the control and elimination of pests.

We also use them, of course, in Microclean compounds, which are especially suitable for combating microbiological contamination. microbiological contamination in many industries such as food, agriculture, livestock, sanitary, for example.

Also in laboratories and various advanced research centres such as medical research centres, defence and aerospace research centres, among others.

Categorisation of biocidal products

Biocides are divided into 22 product types based on their use. These in turn are grouped into four major groups:

  • GROUP 1
    These types of biocidal products exclude cleaning biocidal products which are not intended to have a biocidal effect, including liquid and powder detergents and similar products.
  • GROUP 2
    Unless otherwise stated, this product group covers only products intended to prevent the growth of microbes and algae.
  • GROUP 3
    Pesticides. Pest control, repellents and attractants for invertebrate animals (e.g. fleas) and vertebrates (birds, fish, rodents...).
  • GROUP 4:
    Other biocides. Antifouling products and liquids for embalming and taxidermy.

You can consult in more detail here.


Advanced electrostatic induction micro-spraying: a technology capable of minimising use, spillage or application

Thanks to the Microclean technology from advanced electrostatic micro-sprayingMicroclean technology, as well as specialised training in the use of biocidal products, we are able to optimise the use of chemicals in hygiene and disinfection treatments as much as possible.

Microclean technology for the disinfection of viruses, fungi, moulds and bacteria does not involve "unnecessary spillage", which becomes clear when we compare the different technologies available for disinfection treatments.

These are our potentials:

  • The precision of OUR EQUIPMENT
  • The variety of applications
  • The versatility and characteristics of each of the models that make up our catalogue of solutions and services for professional microbiological disinfection and the environmental biosafety

Precision, efficiency and effectiveness that make us a leading company in the sector, responsible and concerned about the impact of its activity, which we reduce as much as possible, within the complexity that is inherent in the biological security sector. biological safety.


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