Regardless of the pandemic, do you usually comply with the hygiene rules at work?

Community Directive 89/391/EEC on the introduction of measures to encourage improvements in the safety and health of workers is the first of the occupational risk prevention regulations that established the legislative framework for occupational risk prevention.

The publication of Law 31/1995 was the starting signal for the development of a whole set of occupational risk prevention regulations. This law defined the basic principles of obligatory compliance -for both employers and workers- to safeguard and improve occupational health and safety.

Within the Spanish legislation regulating occupational hygiene standards, and starting with the first [Law 31/1995], we find the gradual growth of an extensive body of regulations. Gradually, since that date, other regulations on occupational risk prevention have been published, which have expanded or completed the first one.

There are many, but each of these measures is tailored to the characteristics of specific professions and sectors:

  • Standards arising from professional specialization and the increasing complexity of their respective competencies.
  • Standards defining the minimum measures to be adopted for the adequate protection of workers in the different branches and areas that may affect occupational safety.


Hygiene standards in disinfection and biosafety work

Within this wide range of regulations, the microbiological disinfection and biosafety sector logically has two specific regulations on occupational hygiene and occupational safety standards:


Hygiene standards in the chemical industry


Prevention Regulations on Chemical Risks

The first of these two royal decrees [Royal Decree 374/2001] establishes the minimum standards for the protection of workers exposed to risks arising from their activities in the presence of chemical agents in the workplace.

Under these regulations, the employer is responsible for assessing and determining:

  • 1) If there are hazardous chemical agents in the workplace.
  • 2) In such a case, assess the risks to the health and safety of workers.

The law states that when the results of the assessment reveal a risk to the health and safety of workers, the specific prevention, protection and health surveillance measures established in this regulation shall apply.

This is one of the moments in which as a company you must have the necessary resources or associated companies that assume them from the legality, to comply with the safe development of the activities within the business or professional sector to which your company is circumscribed.


Prevention Regulations on Biological Risks

The second of the above-mentioned decrees [Royal Decree 374/2001] referring to occupational hygiene standards in our sector, establishes the regulation on the protection of workers against the risks related to exposure to biological agents. risks related to exposure to biological agents during work.

Like the previous Royal Decree, this Royal Decree establishes the minimum provisions applicable to activities in which the professionals involved are or may be exposed to biological agents due to the nature of their task or job.


Biological work hygiene standards


Microclean and compliance with industrial safety standards

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