Disinfection and micro-spraying equipment

Microclean markets 8 own-brand disinfection and micro-spraying equipment: the MC-360, ROLLER-400, EM-800, MA-380, VE-900models and the AES-24 electrostatic gun.

All of them represent innovative solutions that use Advanced Electrostatic Induction to perform decontamination, disinfection, sanitisation and deodorisation services for hard-to-reach surfaces and spaces.

This disinfection equipment has been designed and manufactured in the United States by our partner, ByoPlanet Internationala leading designer and manufacturer of electrostatic sprayers.

The application of this technology with an appropriate chemical provides highly effective and high impact pathogen reduction results with the highest level of quality.

Operation of our spraying equipment

The Advanced Electrostatic Induction spraying produces and launches small droplets -between 30/50 microns-, providing a negative charge ( - ) to the chemical product. This makes possible and guarantees the conduction of the disinfectant to places where other systems do not reach.

With this procedure our spraying equipment is able to cover areas infested with germs, viruses, mould, fungi, spores and bacteria, pathogenic agentsviruses, mould, fungi, spores and bacteria, guaranteeing 100% coverage.

They also manage to reduce stubborn germs everywhere, including those spaces, corners or hard-to-reach places.