Microclean, Spanish microbiological disinfection and decontamination company

Biosecurity technology and innovation

Microclean is a Spanish microbiological disinfection and decontamination company, with headquarters in Madrid and offices in Barcelona, specialising in innovative solutions and services for the elimination of all types of pathogens.

For more than six years we have been carrying out these tasks of disinfection, decontamination, sanitisation and deodorisation, by means of the electrostatic induction technologyWe were the first to introduce such a revolutionary system in Spain.

Our experience, market leadership and professionalism make us a competitive disinfection company, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, efficient and effective in the decontamination of pathogenic germs, bacteria and viruses. We offer solutions and services in the field of environmental biosafety and microbiological disinfection, certifying all our treatments and actions.

We have a clear business vision and a philosophy of teamwork, which help us to continue to be leaders in technology, care for the environment and prevent outbreaks of epidemics that may affect living beings with the current current Covid-19

We work continuously applying improvements in environmental biosafetyprotocols and services to advance and guarantee, at all times, the safest, most efficient and effective systems for chemical and biological decontamination.

Disinfection company in Madrid with the guarantee of Byoplanet

Byoplanet is a leading US company in advanced induction technology and systems, with a track record of over 18 years in the market, manufacturing and distributing their electrostatic spraying products.

Its patented technology uses physics to provide 100% coverage on any type of surface, preventing the threat of cross-contamination. It also helps eliminate odours at their source and improves on existing techniques for faster and more economical mould removal. 

Some of the technically proven successes have given Byoplanet prestige and confidence to be considered as the fastest and most effective technology in decontamination of pathogenic germs, bacteria and viruses, and sanitisation of spaces and surfaces.


Our work as a microbiological disinfection and decontamination company is backed by technology, work equipment and human capital. In addition, we have the official certification of:

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