Keeping schools safe from LegioneLla.

We provide solutions for disinfection, prevention and control according to the new Legionella regulations.

The danger of Legionella

Students and teachers wash their hands, drink water and in some schools take showers in school buildings. Measuring and maintaining water quality is a crucial job for schools and their building managers.

Legionella bacteria are one of the potential contaminants found in school water systems. Legionella bacteria live naturally in fresh water, but when they proliferate in a building's water system, these bacteria can cause illness. Exposure to these bacteria can cause Legionnaires' disease and Pontiac fever.

Ensure the safety of your school against Legionella.

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    The new regulation on the control of LegionellaThe new regulation on the control of legionellosis is intended to establish sanitary measures for the protection of human health against legionellosis and will be applied in facilities that are likely to become sources of contamination.

    Royal Decree 487/2022, of June 21, establishing the health requirements for the prevention and control of legionellosis.

    • Effective January 2, 2023.
    • It will apply to facilities that are likely to become pollution sources, extending the types of facilities to be treated and subject to notification.
    • Greater accountability will be required for the design and materials in the equipment and apparatus of the applied facilities.

    CONTROL, will be carried out through 2 preventive plans.

    • PPCL (Legionella Prevention and Control Plan)
    • PSL (optional)
      (Legionella Sanitary Plan)


    Microclean is a company specialized in innovative technologies and solutions for microbiological abatement in microbiological reduction in spaces where their accumulation could generate consequences for living beings.

    Our experience in prevention plans has led our customers to rely on our biosafety solutions. We are prepared to offer a monitoring and quality control maintenance of our clients' facilities, adapting the new prevention plans to the new new prevention plans to the particularities and characteristics of each facility.

    We operate as the best laboratories recognized by the EU with accreditation according to the standard UNE EN ISO IEC 17025: 2017


    1. Review
    2. Evaluation of the Risk Associated with the Installation.
    3. Sampling and maintenance protocol.
    4. Cleaning and disinfection of the facilities.
    5. Records associated with the installation:
      A maintenance record will be made available to the client at its facilities,
      , where it will be indicated, depending on each case:
      Diagram of the hydraulic operation of the installation.
    6. Overhaul, cleaning, disinfection and maintenance operations performed including inspections of the different parts of the system.
    7. Analyses performed and results obtained.
    8. Cleaning and disinfection certificates.
    9. Result of the risk assessment.

    Legionella prevention and control plan for schools according to the new regulations.