Legionella Control

Microclean is a company specialized in services, innovative technologies and solutions for microbiological reduction in spaces where its accumulation could generate consequences for living beings, such as LEGIONELLA.

Our experience in prevention plans has led our customers to trust our solutions in biological safety. We are prepared to offer a follow-up and quality control in the maintenance of our clients' facilities, adapting the new prevention plans to the particularities and characteristics of each facility.


In general, it will be applied in sectors that have facilities susceptible to become contamination sources.

We control all types of systems and installations such as:

  • Cold Water Systems for Human Consumption and Sanitary Hot Water.
  • Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers.
  • Evaporative Coolers and Humidifiers.
  • Swimming pools and whirlpool baths for collective use.
  • Fire water systems.
  • Ornamental Fountains.
  • Irrigation Systems.
  • Tunnels and washing bridges.
  • All types of systems that use water and generate aerosols in their process.

We care about advising, training and supporting our customers by offering a quality service.